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Digital Ally DVM 250 and DVM 250 Plus


Digital Ally's DVM-250 Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) has been designed with the entire system integrated into the rear-view mirror in order to optimize space usage and not interfere with the drivers line of sight. Simply remove the factory mirror and install the DVM-250.


DVM 250 Back View

Unique Features

  • Records video/audio inside + video outside the vehicle
  • Recordings start automatically or manually
  • Entire system, cameras & microphone inside rear-view mirror to maintain driver line of sight & efficient space utilization
  • Video software included
  • Passenger documentation & fraud protection
  • Provide driver accountability
  • Review recorded incidents
  • Protect equipment & inventory
  • Perfect for taxi, limo, paratransit, towing, shuttle, utility, healthcare vehicles & more

The system utilizes solid state memory, the most durable, vibration-proof and reliable medium for mobile video documentation. Easily access and download recorded video, audio and vehicle data via USB 2.0, SD card or optional wireless transfer.

Recordings may be activated through the simple touch of the mirror button, an optional covert foot switch, or customizable automatic options. For instance, the GPS auto-record trigger may be set based on distance from home, specific latitude or longitude ranges, unauthorized areas, or even after a certain amount of time in these zones. The home base and zones will also be visible in each recording’s interactive route maps displayed in the back office software.

To document important events leading up to the moment a recording is triggered, the DVM-250 captures 30-seconds of video and audio prior to record activation. This provides privacy, review and storage benefits by only recording what you need without missing any important events.

The DVM-250Plus model additionally features a compact interface box to allow more automatic record trigger options and a back-up camera with a monitor integrated behind the one-way rear-view mirror glass (invisible when the vehicle is not in reverse).

Product Specs

The DVM-250 Video Event Recorder Provides:

  • Minimal or no driver interaction required
  • Integrated GPS receiver/antenna & mic
  • Forward/internal low-light color cameras
  • Simultaneous dual-camera recording
  • Automatic record triggers include: G-Force sensor (cornering, braking, collision), specific speeds and GPS coordinates, and more
  • Pre-event recording to capture the 30 seconds prior to activating record
  • D1 (720x480) high res. video @ 30fps
  • Records metadata with the audio and video, including device serial number, date, time, vehicle speed, triggers and GPS coordinates
  • Records to 16GB internal solid state memory or 8GB-32GB external SD memory cards
  • USB port can be disabled if using wireless and the access door can be locked
  • Video management software also provides easy configuration of settings and parameters

The DVM-250Plus Also Includes:

  • 3rd Camera (usually a rear camera for backing up the vehicle)
  • Integrated Monitor (invisible if not in use)
  • Interface Box for additional automatic record triggers, such as shifting the vehicle into reverse, emergency lights, door sensors, & more

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