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To eliminate the issue of dangerous or obstructing cables and components, the FirstVu™ is completely housed in a single, compact, lightweight enclosure. Most other wearable systems require additional components that add weight, unnecessary complexity, and dangerous cables that can cause officers to lose crucial seconds by becoming caught up or entangled when trying to draw a weapon or may be used to strangle an officer in a fight.


To protect chain of custody, recorded evidence can not be edited or deleted on the system and is watermarked to prevent tampering, the system is password protected, users are logged, and the included robust, user-friendly back office software can check the integrity of a recording, logs every use and generates a chain of custody report.

Record important details such as the date/time, location of important events during recordings, user ID or name, event ID, incident ID, age, ethnicity, and more.

Stable and tough, the FirstVu is impact and weather resistant and utilizes solid state memory that is unaffected by violent motion. An advanced clip system allows secure locking or quick transfer between a variety of locations, such as an officer’s uniform, the windshield or dash of a vehicle, or an interview room. Other mounting options are available for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis and many other applications.

FirstVu™ brings you the benefits of an In-Car System anytime, anywhere you need it.

  • Protect against false accusations
  • Clear citizens’ complaints
  • Reduce time in court
  • Reduce agency liability claims
  • Increase successful prosecution
  • Streamline reporting
  • Excellent training tool
  • Record actions and events without distraction when and where they happen
  • Perfect for unmarked cars, impromptu traffic stops, searches, supervisors, detectives, and victim interviews
  • Seamless, detailed documentation of traffic stops from several different angles when used with in-car video system

Unique Features

A Law Enforcement Quality, Small, Hands Free, One-Piece, Worn or Mounted, Weather Resistant Digital Video System & Body Camera.

Record video and audio or photograph evidence wherever the job requires, day or night. Record useful meta data such as a date/time stamp, marks, officer ID, event and case numbers, and more.

Effortlessly download AVI videos or JPEG images from the secure internal memory for easy viewing on standard systems.


  • Easy to Operate – One button start/stop record
  • Small and Lightweight – The 2.7x4.3x1-inch body can fit into your shirt pocket
  • Easily and Securely Fastens Almost Anywhere
  • High Quality Video – H.264 codec – Full VGA (640 x 480) 30 frames per second
  • 2MP Still Photos – Holds 1000 images/GB
  • Saves Metadata with Both Video and Pictures
  • Optional microSD Cards – Add memory or utilize recording redundancy
  • Up to 30 Seconds Pre-Event Record – Capture the action before activating record; user selectable
  • Day or Night Operation with Optional Illumination
  • Instant ON/OFF with Standby Mode
  • Covert Mode – Vibrating notifications
  • Easy Download – USB port or optional microSD card
  • Remembers Previous Officer Logged In
  • Software Upgradeable


  • Wide Angle, Built-In Color Camera – angle of view
  • Integrated 2.2” Color LCD Monitor – Easily review what you record
  • Simple Playback/Menu Control Buttons
  • Optional Earpiece - Listen during playback
  • Mark Button – Quickly return to important events
  • Built-In Mic plus External Audio Input
  • Record to Solid State Memory - Impact & vibration resistant
  • Secure Internal 16 GB Memory Chip to ensure chain of custody
  • Rechargeable, Easily Removable Built-In Battery Pack – 3-12 hours of operation – 12V and 120/240
  • IP55 Weather Resistant Body
  • VideoManager II Back Office Software Included – For reporting, media storage and archiving
  • New Optional Wireless Mic for leaving the FirstVu mounted as a motorcycle or in-car video system

Multiple Mounting Options, Including:

  • New Klick Fast mounting system for even more versatile placement options
  • Motion Stabilization Shirt Attachment
  • Pouch Fastener for Vests, Belts, etc.
  • Lanyard Accessory
  • RAM Mounts for In-Vehicle, Handlebar, Desktop, etc.

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