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Fume Hood - Reveal - Ductless

The TRITECHFORENSICS Reveal Ductless Fume Hood was designed to provide both an excellent working environment and safety for the operator by combining quality materials with advanced technology.

Reveal Fume Hood Features:

Manual speed controller, hour counter, and electronic blower switch are included on station.

Multiplex™ Filtration System with unique leakage prevention clamp, air sampling port, filter door lock and key, and filter track & wheel system.

Clear back and side panels as well as a double-hinged self-locking clear front sash.

Pass-through electrical cord ports, chemical resistant surfaces, eye-level analog air velometer and airflow alarm.

Options include steel cart for easy mobility, filter saturation alarm, ADA compliance with lower controls and wheelchair access, epoxy-coated steel or polypropylene construction, and more.

Part Number(s):

ASFH-32 (Reveal Ductless Fume Hood - 32")
ASFH-32/CARB (Carbon Filter for Reveal 32" Fume Hood)
ASFH-32/HEPA (HEPA Filter for Reveal 32" Fume Hood)
ASFH-32/PREFIL (Replacement Pre-filters for Reveal 32" Fume Hood)
ASMC-32-TTF (Mobile Cart for Reveal 32" Fume Hood)

Constructed of your choice of epoxy-coated steel or polypropylene, the ductless fume hood contains numerous user-friendly features, providing a virtually effortless fuming environment. A conveniently-located front control panel provides easy access to electronic controls and displays, including the low airflow alarm, while pass-through ports for electrical cords and cables and a manual speed controller allow the user to determine his or her own preferences. Clear back and side panels allow 360° views of the contents, and an optional cart allows the unit to be used in a number of locations.

Safety is a priority with the Reveal Ductless Fume Hood; its performance and construction specifications meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI, and other international standards. The front sash is double hinged, self locking, and, when closed, protects the user with 100FPM airflow.  An airflow alarm is located on the control panel while an analog air velometer is conveniently placed in the user’s field of vision as a dual low airflow warning system.

The Multiplex™ Filtration System includes two or three filters: one electrostatic pre-filter, a main filter chosen to capture specific vapors, and an optional secondary/stacked filter. The pre-filter protects the main and safety filters and may be changed while the unit is operating to prevent accidental exposure to harmful substances.  The activated carbon main filter uses a patented clamping mechanism to prevent harmful chemicals and vapors from being released into the environment or contacting the user.  Each filter is optimized to use its entire surface area, allowing for
longer life.

Easy to set up and maintain, the Reveal Ductless Fume Hood is extremely cost-effective. HVAC and ductwork are not needed for installation of this unit, and with the additional safety filters available, the unit may be used for a broad range of applications. Initially, the unit includes one electrostatic pre-filter and one general-purpose carbon filter, allowing for immediate use upon receipt.

• Airflow CFM - 206; Face Velocity FPM - 100
• Noise/BA/1 meter - < 53
• Lighting - two 15 watt bulbs
• Blower - ebmpapst™ centrifugal fan
• Construction - epoxy-coated steel or all polypropylene
• Electrical - 120V/60Hz. or 220V/50Hz. (other options available)
• Filters included - 1 electrostatic pre-filter, 1 HEPA filter, and 1 carbon filter for additional safety
• Internal Dimensions - 24” H (609 mm.)
• External Dimensions - 32” W x 24” H x 26” D (810 mm.  x 610 mm. x 660 mm.)
• Weight for estimating shipping costs - Steel: 152 lbs.,  Poly: 152 lbs. (69 kg.)


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