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Intoximeters Alco Sensor IV

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  • SKU: 13-0350-01

The AlcoSensor IV follows an automated, software driven test protocol. Each function is displayed on an LED panel, which provides the operator with step-by-step instructions for fail-safe testing. The AlcoSensor IV automatically samples deep lung breath and displays results in a three-digit readout. The unit has automatic calibration and a mouthpiece release feature which eliminates operator contact with a used mouthpiece. 

Kit includes:

  • ASIV Blue Dot 
  • Calibration tool
  • Battery, 9V Procell
  • Operators Manual 
  • Hard Case
  • Mouth Pieces (25)
  • Standard 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Part Number: 13-0350-01

Unique Features


The fuel cell sensor generates a response that is proportional to the Breath Alcohol Concentration. 
Accuracy & Precision
US DOT approved for evidential use. Meets and exceeds the federal model specification for traffic enforcement and Omnibus Breath Alcohol Testing.

The fuel cell sensor is sensitive to alcohol. It does not respond to acetone or other substances which are found in the breath.

Measurement Limits
The AlcoSensor III can accurately detect breath alcohol levels between .000 - .400 BrAC.

Response Time
The unit responds within 10 seconds on negative samples and within 30 - 45 seconds on positive samples.

Sampling Rate
The patented analytical system permits quick results, more positive tests per time period with no loss of sensitivity.

Instruments will maintain calibration (plus or minus .005 at the .100 level) for months.

Checks and calibrations should be performed with either a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) approved wet bath simulator or a dry gas standard.

Can operate between 0° and 40° C.

Sampling Requirements

Sampling System
The software monitored diagnostic system requires proper battery power, proper instrument temperature, successful instrument pretest blank and the delivery of a "deep lung" breath specimen before automatically taking a sample. 
The disposable one-way mouthpiece is individually wrapped and can be automatically ejected from the instrument to avoid personal contact.

Electrical Requirements

Power Supply
9 volt heavy duty alkaline battery 
Battery Capacity
300+ tests per battery


Hand held, 11 oz 
Case Construction
ABS plastic


Data Storage
Last test recall function 
Four digit alpha-numeric led display

The AlcoSensor IV can be connected to and run with a printer microprocessor or a computer. (RS232 cable and software optional available through Intoximeters).

There are several test protocols available which satisfy a variety of testing requirements.

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