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The RBT VXL consists of an Alco-Sensor® VXL, a docking station, a keyboard and a printer.  The Alco-Sensor® VXL is programmed to prompt the operator through a step-by-step test sequence that . . . .

1.allows for data entry of subject, operator and other test information through the keyboard
2.automatically collects and analyzes a breath sample
3.produces a displayed, printed and stored-to-memory test record

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The AlcoSensor IV follows an automated, software driven test protocol. Each function is displayed on an LED panel, which provides the operator with step-by-step instructions for fail-safe testing. The AlcoSensor IV automatically samples deep lung breath and displays results in a three-digit readout. The unit has automatic calibration and a mouthpiece release feature which eliminates operator contact with a used mouthpiece. 

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The Alco-Sensor IV with memory is an automated hand-held evidential analyzer. The Alco-Sensor IV with memory follows a program driven test procedure. Each function is displayed which provides the operator with step-by-step instructions. 

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While the Alco-Sensor FST is designed to be rugged enough to withstand field use in a policing environment, it is also designed to offer intuitive, simple operating procedures and have sample collection requirements that minimize risk to the operator.

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The instrument monitors the subject's breath flow and volume and determines when the subject has provided a deep lung breath sample. If a proper sample is provided, the instrument automatically collects a breath sample and presents it to the fuel cell sensor for analysis.

The electro-chemical (fuel cell) is a porous disk with a thin layer of platinum black on both faces and saturated with electrolyte. When the subject's breath sample is drawn across the top surface of the cell, the alcohol that comes in contact with the cell's surface is broken down chemically. The alcohol is converted to acetic acid plus electrons. The number of electrons generated are in proportion to the amount of alcohol in the sample. By measuring the number of electrons (the resulting electrical signal) the output is converted to a digital BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) value.

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The Alco-Sensor VXL is an advanced, handheld microprocessor-driven alcohol testing instrument. This professional breathalyzer provides a simple, economical method of determining breath alcohol content with fast, accurate results.

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