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"You Call The Shots" 3 Poster Pack


The "What's Brewing?", "Craft Cocktails", and "Party Punches" posters clearly depict how much alcohol is in various different drink types.

Show your audience how many Standard Drink Units (SDUs) are in popular alcoholic beverages with these three unique posters. Just because an alcoholic drink is in one glass does not mean it’s just one drink. Alcoholic drinks are measured in Standard Drink Units (SDUs) and depending on the drink can have one or several shots of alcohol. One SDU is defined as .6 oz of pure alcohol, the amount you will find in a 12 oz 5% beer, 5 oz 12% wine or 1.5 oz of 80 Proof spirits.

Underestimating the amount of alcohol in a drink can lead to inadvertent binge drinking and resulting impairment levels higher than you may have anticipated. These brightly colored laminated posters provide a "DO YOU KNOW" factoid, illustrate the number of Standard Drink Units (SDU) as well as calories contained in different types of beer, craft cocktails, and party punches.  

1 - "What's Brewing" Poster 
1 - "Craft Cocktails" Poster
1 - "Party Punches" Poster

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