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Radar Speed Sign Rentals Now Available!

DAVTECH is now offering speed sign and speed trailers rentals. Please contact us for our daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

Build Traffic Calming & Analysis Into Your 2016 Initiatives

Radar Speed signs are becoming increasingly popular and affordable tools within construction, municipal and law enforcement communities alike. With several models and options available, we can match a product to your specific needs and budget. We are happy to provide daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates to suit your traffic calming program or to facilitate your traffic study.

Make Your Streets Safer!

Please share this information with other appropriate parties within your municipality, which may include your Public Works Manager or members of your local Police Services Board.

Traffic Calming Benefits:

  • Alert speeding motorists with the intent of slowing them down
  • Alert speeding motorists of a change in the speed limit
  • Municipal and Law enforcement initiatives to control vehicle speeds
  • Traffic Studies & Community Concerns Analysis:
  • Capture traffic volume and speed patterns via the EZ Stat Data Logger
  • Address community traffic complaints and implement corrective measures based upon factual data
  • Establish appropriate speed limits for existing and new roads

Several Models Available:

  • Speed Spy Traffic Analyzer - No radar display board for covert data collection
  • OnSite 75M Pole Mounted Sign - battery powered with solar assist
  • OnSite 200M Speed Display Dolly - compact unmanned speed deterrent
  • OnSite 300M Radar Speed Trailer - self-contained, easily portable unit

Please contact us today for our current rental rates or more details!

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